The wonderful performanceof Biber’s Passacaglia by the excellent violinist Agnieszka Marucha, has left in myself as well as in those who were present, the memory of an extraordinarymusical experience in which we all were able to surrend to the moving rhythm of the pasar el calle, a sort of interior and nocturnal pace sustained by the fascinating personality and the refined musical sensitivity of the performer. It has been for us all a listening experience which is bound to accompany us for a long time to come and is surely going to be source of artistic inspiration for the next editions of “Spazio Bramhs”.

Angelo Rosso,

Outstanding young Polish violinist Agnieszka Marucha is building an enterprising discography.Her latest album features two sparkling sonatas by the Romantic Swiss composer Hans Huber, along with his miniature Poetic Pieces, opus 99. His chamber music owes much to spiritual forebears like Schumann but speaks with a strong native accent. Huber's warm and spontaneous personality is richly captured by Marucha and her adept keyboard partner, Tomasz Pawlowski. On this showing, the Polish classical label Acte Préalable is well worth seeking out.

Peter Palmer,, 12. 2012

Stojowski Violin Concerto - a large scale Romantic composition; original and enchanting, just as the playing of Agnieszka Marucha.

Kazimierz Rozbicki, Review - Koszalin Philharmonic Orchestra 11. 11. 2011, Muzyka21, January 2012

...Thanks to her excellent technique as well as her beautiful and warm sound, the soloist sung her way through the violin concerto. The pyrotechnics and the lyrical middle movement (Romanza) were performed with bravado and charm.  

Muzyka21, February 2011

The violinist researched the violin pieces of Zygmunt Stojowski, who was also the subject of her Doctorate. Clear presentation of the composition's structure as well as getting the most out of each phrase seems to be her speciality...She carefully build the tension in each of the pieces.

Alina Kurczewska, Polmic, 06. 2010

The Romanza is worth mentioning as it was played, or actually sung, with charm and elegance. (...) the soloist plays here with a singing and sensual tone in the high as well as the low register. An excellent piece of music.

Marcin Zgliński, Muzyka21, 03. 2010

How is it possible to write a fugue for solo violin and how is it possible to play such a work? Well it needs someone like Bach to write it and someone like Agnieszka Marucha to play it; the result – a triumph on both counts.

Alan Cooper, Aberdeen Event Reviews , 28. 05. 2010

Agnieszka Marucha, a young polish player clearly destined for an important career. Stojowski´s Sonata may sound more French than polish, but when played as sensitively and persuasively as this it makes you wonder why it hes been gathering dust these many years.

Jeremy Nicholas, The Gramophone, 01. 2010

Agnieszka Marucha displays a flawless technique and a very noble sound. Her playing is very cultured with a beautiful cantabile.  

Renata Pasternak-Mazur, Przegląd Polski (, 06. 11. 2009

The little Romance (...) is played beautifully by Ms Marucha with excellent support from Piotr Wajrak and his remarkable student ensemble, one of the best I’ve heard since the Eastman-Rochester era.

American Records Guide, 2009

Marucha’s virtuosic performance succeeds in convincing the listener that they are indeed hearing a masterpiece. Her rich tone is so beautiful, her playing so musical and her cantabile so lyric that she can be easily described as the Maria Callas of the violin.

Joseph A. Herter, Polish Music Center Newsletter, 08. 2009

Stojowski leaves you in no doubt of his vaunting confidence. The leaping lyrical romantic stride of his Violin Sonata No. 2 is struck from the same precious metal as the sonatas by Delius, Foulds, Korngold and Dunhill. His leonine aureate romanticism flows like lava but he can also draw on reserves of poetic passion surgingly sustained yet slowly released as in the Arietta. He is not averse to a chuckling good humour either as in the emphatic Allegro giocoso finale with its contrasting reserves of striving passion. Both Marucha and Schmid give this their all.

Rob Barnett,, 09. 07. 2009

Agnieszka Marucha delivered the Largo from the C major Sonata with remarkable rich-toned elegance. It is always amazing just how wonderfully broad and expansive these pieces of music can be when performed by the finest players. There is nothing stinted or mean about them.

Aberdeen Event Reviews, 05. 03. 2009

...we also heard Prokofiev's 2nd Violin Concerto. This extraordinary, beautiful and moving composition was given a fantastic performance by the young Agnieszka Marucha. It was as though she was telling us a story - full of surprises, played with a beautifully pure sound, incredibly lyrical and with a great feeling for this music with it's multitude of colours....Her performance was very impressive - she played with maturity, self-confidence and understanding but at the same time with respect for the work and it's creator. Agnieszka Marucha proved herself to be a very expressive player, carefully moulding each phrase and concentrating on performing the work with an opulent sound which was full of wonderful colours. 

Dorota Gonet, Gazeta Wyborcza, 17. 04. 2004

Pieces by Henryk Wieniawski, Karol Szymanowski, Ignacy Paderewski, Władysław Żeleński, Zygmunt Noskowski performed by the Polish Duo were warmly applauded by the audience, The violinists‘ wonderfully virtuosic and colourful playing was perfectly complemented by the pianist. One could be amazed by the quality in which the two performers passed between eachother the many contrasting emotions in the music, ranging from drammatic culminations to lyrical sections full of sadness and longing.We witnessed really creative renditions of what the composers laid down on paper long ago.

Nasza Gazetka, 5. 2006

The violinist produced a rich tone, displaying an impressive technique beleying her age. The Brahms was especially moving. In the last two the violinist displayed a great affinity with her conpatriots.

David Johason, Brancaster News, 30. 06. 2002

Szymanowski's works were the best. They were full of energy and virtuosity. The artist demonstrated an excellent technique.

Gazeta Wyborcza, 4.IV.2000

Agnieszka Marucha's performance of J.S. Bachs d-minor partita turned out to be a rendition worth remembering. A true performance.

Ruch muzyczny, vol. 18/1999

At the first place I would distinct prime award winners: Agnieszka Marucha and Wojciech Jasiński. Their interpretation of "Myths" by Karol Szymanowski was worthy of the best concert halls.

Ruch muzyczny, vol. 24/1998